“I am fascinated by natural forms and their order resulting from geometry, mechanics and physical tension. To logical structure/cosmos I add feeling/chaos. A permanent sense of loss is a fundamental emotion that drives me.. and beauty is equivalent of a loss- freezing of moments in sculpture is a way to trick the time and postpone the inevitable. Stone, bronze and steel are carriers of states I want to keep to myself and to others.”

TOMASZ GÓRNICKI – born 01.11.1986. He graduated with honors at the Sculpture Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2010 in Janusz Antonii Pastwa’s studio. A young artist, whose interests revolve around realism. Physicality is his basic theme, a vehicle carrying to the symbolic world, a trail toward archetypes. His urban activities provoke questions and never leave the audience indifferent. He uses the language of symbols, mainly religious, philosophical and psychological ones.

Górnicki works with both monumental scale and small form. He experiments with combining different materials such as bronze, stone, aluminum and cloth. He explores the qualities of color and moves 2D graphics to the 3D world. He believes that sculpture can arrange, even create space. He participated in numerous collective exhibitions and was the author of individual ones.